live footage  .  cello & fx + drum & keys

brooklyn based: perform. score. produce. 

jazz + classical through analog tape =  cinematic soundscapes.   

+ we score:  documentaries .  sci fi.  plays.  action.  suspense. 

+ our clients:  BET, HBO, Van Cleef, UNICEF, Rag & Bone, VICE 

+ we play:    nyc. europe. seoul. hi end. low end. hi life. low mind:  

+our crew:  (artists)  kris porter. guno park. lana chun. melissa godoy-nieto.  perry angelorastephanie graegin.

                   (musicians) quinn mccarthy. the letter yellow. emily wells. the tablets. superhuman happiness.

                   low mentality. los hacheros. keys n krates

                   (visualists) BKLYN 1834.  kubat billot. lan lam, charles billot


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