Scored "Muhammad Ali: The People's Champ" directed by Coodie and Chike from Creative Control. It was premiered on BET September 23, 2015,  and recipient of the NAACP Image Award.

Halcyon - Sage Kotsenburg.  Produced by Monster Energy, our song "The Performer" is featured at 17:40. (2020)

Scored "Half Empty Half Full".  Feature film directed by Andy Gersherzon, (2018).

Scored "Public Figure" (2019), feature film directed by Brian Corso.  

Scored "Graceland" (2012), feature film directed by Ron Morales. 

Scored "April In Blue" (2017), short directed by Christian Hogarth.

Scored "The Sleeping Negro" (2021). Directed by Skinner Myers.  


2017 Live Footage Reel including commercial work.

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