BET presents Muhammad Ali: The People’s Champ.

“Muhammad Ali (The People’s Champ)” directed by Cootie & Chike of Creative Control .  


 Coodie and Chike are are such great story tellers and pieced together this amazing
and powerful documentary.  We love working with these guys, and were lucky enough to score the entire piece. It
Premiered  September 23rd, 2015 on BET.

Spotless. Directed by Drew Lightfoot

Spotless. directed by Drew Lightfoot

The scoring of this film was
truly unique.  Besides being a truly thought provoking documentary
about the art game, this film included a unique hands on process  Drew
Lightfoot invited us upstate to his farm/Ice Pond.  Here we got to relax
for a night and projected bits of the film on an old ship sail
literally next to the pond .  We set up a recording rig on the deck and
scored much of the film in real time to the video.  Drew and Dave
(producer) got some amazing footage which we’ll be posting soon. 

Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion. Directed by Steven Tenney

We are excited to present to you Mr. Steven Tenney’s new sci-fi play.  We created the score mixing our synths andy synthesized cello through every type of pedal and tape disintengration.  Our Roland 301 space echo had a lot of shedding sound which ended up sounding very gloomy and dark. 

Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion

Saturday, 6/20/15, 4:45pm
Friday, 6/26/15, 4:30pm
Saturday, 6/27/15, 4:30pm
Tuesday, 6/30/15, 7:45pm
Tuesday, 7/7/15, 8:45pm
Saturday, 7/11/15, 4:30pm

Graceland. Directed by Ron Morales

Directed by Ron Morales and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2012.  We also accompanied them to the Fantasia Film Fest on Montreal.  Shot in Manila, its a thrilling tale of kidnapping and political corruption.  Working with Ron and his crew was so easy and creatively rewarding.  Below is a intense scene from the film:

He also shot a video for our song called “Goin’ Somewhere”.   

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