The Performer by Michael Gugger feat. Jon Ole Olstad

Live at Apotheke audio paired with empty NYC streets during lockdown.  Shot by Topu Lyo and Tori H.

Music Bed: Short Biopic

"American Bravado" Dri. by aaronisnotcool, feat Lyve Tyme 

REEL as of 2018

"View From a Desert Helicopter" by David Drake & Dan Tombs

"1976" by Kubat & Billot

"Il Grande Silenzio" (E. Morricone, EJ Fry arrangement) live for Sorfar Sounds with String Quartet. (Ruby Wang, Trevor New, Jason Walter, Topu Lyo, Mike Thies)

Brooklyn Bridge by Anthony Jerjen

"B Line'. Studio improv footage.   (Bunker Studio)

"Goin' Somewhere" Dir. by Ron Morales, in collaboration with Jessica Angel

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